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Tina Lise Ng

UI & UX Designer

About me

I design thoughtful user interfaces & web experiences

I’m a critical thinker, a creative problem-solver, but above all, I’m a believer in simplicity. My approach to design is a balancing act between thought and intuition, utility and beauty.

I’m interested in understanding the ways people interact online, and the different pathways they take to get to what they need. But at the end of the day, weaving visuals, messaging, and interaction together to tell a story seamlessly is what makes me happy.

When I’m not jamming at my desk, I’m shamelessly watching reruns of Buffy, planning my next road trip, or bumming around the beach. And if that’s not enough, I’m fluent in French. Bon!

My side-pancake

I’m also a devout animal lover and human to a large and goofy rescue dog. My passion project 🐺 Howl & Home 🐺 is a creative outlet where I get to design and sell high-end dog bowls and furniture for design conscious fur-parents like myself. All items are handmade with love from beautiful British Columbia.

Good vibes100%
Getting the job done100%
Nay Saying0%

Kind Words

Tina does an amazing job balancing what’s on her plate while staying on top of the latest developments in UX/UI and brings a steady stream of innovation and new ideas to the studio daily. Her communication style is ‘no-bull’, she keeps things clear and straight to the point, which is a delight when you’re in the trenches of problem-solving.

Sarah Tesla
Founder & Managing Director
Make Creative

Working with Tina is a developer’s dream!
Her incredible expertise in UI and UX design converted perfectly in every technical aspect of my work. It’s rare to find a designer with such a broad vision and knowledge, that can deeply understand the development process, and easily find solutions and innovative approaches with a constant respect for technical limitations and requirements.

Alessandro Castellani
Lead Developer

I’ve worked with countless designers over the course of the last decade in digital, and Tina is truly top notch. While checking all the boxes you’d expect of a UX & Design specialist, there are skills that Tina brings which are rare. A no BS approach. Pushing design further when you think it’s already there. Empathy driven design. All while being in touch with the most current design trends.

William Jarvis
Director of Production
Make Creative


Web Designer

I am a freelance digital designer interested in collaborating on media projects from web experiences, to live entertainment and everything in between. Over the past 9 years, I’ve worked on tip-to-tail website designs, campaign sites, IA revamps, ECommerce, design direction, and various marketing collateral work for companies and organizations across a myriad of industries.

My focus is on problem solving, usability, and creating beautiful and engaging digital experiences.

I am experienced in: user testing and UX research, concept ideation, creative workshops, wireframing, UI/UX design, art direction and QA.

Highlight: I work well with developers and they work well with me 🤓

Make Creative
Director of Design

Make is a creative agency that specializes in creating engaging online experiences for a youth audience. Pushing digital innovation and connecting with students in higher education is just one of Make’s specialties.

I lead the team in user-centric design by providing forward thinking creative solutions that create compelling user experiences. I’m also Make’s go-to gal for distilling insights from usability testing, and solving information-rich IA challenges.

Highlight: 2016 runner’s up for a Vancouver UX Award

Director of Design

Jobbook is a member-based job-matching website, which I helped create. Blending elements of a job dictionary and a dating site together, we created a different way of looking for jobs. I was responsible for the site’s information architecture, user interface, and graphic design.

Highlight: We got written up in Forbes.

Director of Design

Wordans is a start-up T-shirt customization site. With a small team, my role was pretty fluid: I created the customizable online shop system and marketplace; revamped the T-shirt maker app; and designed the website’s IA and interface.

Highlight: Getting research and development grants that let us innovate to our hearts’ content.

Moment Factory
Content Designer

Whether it’s at the Cirque du Soleil or on stage with Nine Inch Nails, Moment Factory makes massive live experiences happen. There, I was part of a team that turned ideas into live experiences and designed the graphics that would make their way onto stadium walls, floors, and projections.

Highlight: Seeing our work live and on stage at various performances